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White Shark off the coast of South Africa

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The New Face of Shark Conservation

     Meet Ocean Ramsey; a 27-year-old professional scuba instructor, surfer, swimmer and free-diver. What makes her so spectacular, you ask? She uses her skills to free-dive with Great White sharks in open water. 

     On her website www.waterinspired.com, Ocean explains that while coming face to face with these large sharks is thrilling, her diving is for a different purpose—their conservation. She hopes to prove that Great Whites, as well as other shark species, are not the mindless killing machines that the media and movies make them out to be. They are extremely intelligent and cautious animals that need to be protected. 

     In the video below, you’ll see Ocean hitching a ride on a very large Great White shark. Take a moment and notice the shark’s behavior.  She’s not thrashing around or being aggressive. Quite the contrary, she is calm and graceful taking little notice to the human swimming along with her. This is how sharks should be seen, as something beautiful and worth saving.